giv|en1 [ˈgıvən]
the past participle of ↑give
given 2
given2 adj [only before noun]
1.) any/a given...
any particular time, situation, amount etc that is being used as an example
On any given day in the Houston area, half the hospital beds are empty.
The rules are to be followed in any given situation.
at any given time/moment
There are thought to be around 10,000 young homeless Scots in London at any given time.
2.) previously arranged
The wrapping machine was pre-set to wrap a given number of biscuits.
Candidates will have to give a presentation on a given topic.
a game in which, at a given signal, everyone has to stand still
3.) be given to (doing) sth
formal to tend to do something, especially something that you should not do
He was a quiet man, not usually given to complaining.
4.) take sth as given
to accept that something is true or exists, especially when you are developing an idea or argument
The fact that people find change difficult is taken as given.
given 3
given3 prep
taking something into account
Given the circumstances, you've done really well.
given that
Given that the patients have some disabilities, we still try to enable them to be as independent as possible.
given 4
given4 n
a basic fact that you accept as being true
Sandra will be at least 15 minutes late - that's a given.
The concept is taken as a given in social studies.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.